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> Description

Follow your weight, reach your goals and coach yourself with FollowWeight, an easy-to-use tool with several functionalities :

Daily save your weight, define goals and coach yourself to reach them more easily !


Calc your personal informations :

- Body mass index
- Body fat mass
- Ideal weight
- Basal metabolism (amount of energy required to maintain vital functions in an organism at complete rest)
- Recommended Daily Calories (Calories needed every day depending activity)


FollowWeight allows creating account to store daily informations and monitoring them with graphics. All family can use it with multi-user functionality.


Data are save online in order to be reachable from all your devices !


FollowWeight is the perfect companion for all people which want monitoring and check their weight !


> What's New in this Version

- Compatibility with iPhone and iPod Touch
- Manage the user ideal weight
- Design improvement
- Indicator of trend weight loss
- Minor bug fixes

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